Jerom Theunissen Photography

Jerom Theunissen

I am a Chicago-based photographer with a passion for sharing how I see the world through my lens. My style lies in taking a photojournalistic approach by telling a story with my images and writing. I mainly shoot street and landscape photography where my visual identity matches with the deeply compelling human elements of everyday life in cities.

Traveling has become a significant part of my life over the last few years. In 2018, I was lucky to spend a year pursuing a traveling fellowship studying the fundamental relationship between transport and quality of life in cultures around the globe. Ever since I have sought to furthering people-centered urban mobility in Chicago and across the United States through my work as a transportation engineer and photographer. I believe in the power of combining technical expertise with visual storytelling to inspire others of fairer, more equitable, livable, and vibrant cities around the globe.

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Instagram: @jerom.theunissen

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